Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Thermoplastic Playground Markings

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Colourful Playground Designs

Colourful Playground Designs

We are able to provide a wide range of designs and specifications for playground markings so kids can enjoy lots of fun activities.

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Thermoplastic Play Area Markings

Thank you for visiting our thermoplastics page. Here you can learn about the high quality thermoplastic markings we can install to your area.

Many schools and nurseries have thermoplastic playground markings in because they make an appealing design with exciting activities.

The colourful designs are perfect for increasing kids' fitness and allowing them to discover new skills. They are perfect for virtually all pupils aged 5-11 in both Key Stages 1 and 2.

Alongside regular, entertaining school playground thermoplastic surface designs, you can also find subject oriented designs, including:

  • Geography
  • Maths
  • English

Well-known features like this include things like:

  • Numbered squares
  • Alphabets
  • Geographical maps
  • Compasses
  • Hopscotch
  • Tracks
  • Caterpillar
  • Sports Courts
  • Line Marking/Road Marking
  • School Playground Games

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What are Play Area Markings?

Play Area Markings are great for providing a school with all of the beneficial external surfaces needed to enhance the pupils' engagement in lessons

This is because they are able to learn inside the school as well as outside. Recreational graphics could be key in increasing kids' fitness and all around health and it's a good way to make fitness entertaining.

This has benefits regarding kids' health and fitness as inactivity is a rising problem in schools.

We can install the brightly coloured recreational graphics to several different kinds of facility. Specialist material is applied to create these kinds of graphics, promising optimum strength.

We have found that installing thermoplastic markings to a slide or swing area can massively increase the mood of the children who play there. Where that be a climbing wall graphic, or sports court markings, they can provide children with other options of things to do for fun in their local park.

It's vital for the materials to be safe to use since small children will undoubtedly be playing on them on a regular basis.

Unique thermoplastic playground markings could also make a school appear a lot more dynamic and attractive, this could attract pupils and adults to the facility, and even improve your OFSTED report. Kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy the activities which are played with the school playground markings.

The same thermoplastic material can also be used to mark out lines in car parks and this is another service that we provide.

If you have a car parking area at your school or nursery, we'll be able to install long lasting playground markings for schools parking bays, disabled spaces and navigational arrows.

Thermoplastic Floor Markings Costs

The average cost for thermoplastic floor markings is around £63 for a new line. Usually you are only charged to make a new white line, you will find that sometimes there will be no charge to reinstate existing lines. Thermoplastic Floor markings is a product that can be used for a variety of different things, such as logos, school markings and road markings. Thermoplastic is a very versatile material and we offer all kind of services to support that.

Thermoplastics Floor Markings Benefits

There are a wide variety of benefits of thermoplastic floor markings. Listed below are some of the ones we have had feedback on from our clients:

  • Quick to install
  • Greater accuracy
  • Endurance over time
  • Better for safety
  • Cost effective

and many more.


Playground Painting Near Me

We offer lots of thermoplastic designs and patterns for the graphics so that they can be appropriately suitable for your nearby nursery or school.

The coloured heat applied plastic patterns are durable effective so they should last for many years on the play area. We could undertake maintenance and refurbishment for old paint that may have faded or end up being cracked with time.

The range of thermoplastic designs we're able to provide consists of various traditional activities like snakes and ladders and chess.

By allowing the pupils to learn inside of the school as in the surrounding areas, you will see better results in the children's test results which will consequently enhance the image of the school and make it seem better if the pupils are doing better.

We could install lines for a variety of sports to create a multipurpose activity surface. With the help of regular activity, kids are in a better position to understand lessons within the classroom, which means this has several educational advantages at the same time.

By enjoying unique activities with others, the kids can develop in a social way as well as with physical fitness.

Children are equipped to understand a number of vital skills when enjoying the outdoor games in school. The kids are then able to hang out with others and develop friendships.

This type of paint is often applied onto roadways as well as it gives the same long lasting and vibrant finish. If you are looking to have a paint application to a nearby road area or one within the school grounds, take a look at this page

You can also fill in our contact form to talk about this service in more detail.

Best Play Designs Near Me

Thermoplastic playground markings have got a distinctive approach in terms of how they're installed. The graphics should be laid on top of the flooring closest to you and then heated up until they soften and stick to the surface.

It's an environmentally friendly, user safe and fully solid material that will refresh an existing playground. These are a great way to strengthen a play area's visual appeal and make it more enjoyable for school children.

We take pride in having the ability to entertain and educate via our thermoplastic outdoor surface playground markings. These area designs are commonly installed to involve the children with their learning and allows them to learn with their friends.

The school playground markings will also make your local playground look much nicer if it is filled with bright, vibrant colours and this is proven to attract the children to play the games designs.

The play designs are great for providing a range of different benefits to a school as the pupils are encouraged to engage with learning outside of school as well as inside. This means they have twice as much chance to achieve the results that they need in tests.

If you wish to renew your thermoplastic designs, you will need to get the playground markings removed prior.

Our team can remove the playground markings using a specialist hydroblast machine - for more information, please complete our contact form now.



Will thermoplastic stick to concrete?

Cold temperatures or any moisture on the pavement surfaces will result in a poor bond with the thermoplastic material you are looking to apply. The condition of the surface will always impact the bond of the material, manufacturers will suggest using a primer prior to thermoplastic applications on concrete to get the best outcome possible.

How long does thermoplastic last?

Depending on the conditions of your thermoplastic floor markings you can expect to see between 3-5 years out of your thermoplastic floor markings. These projections are if you have a professional manufacturer and installer carrying out the works.

How do play area thermoplastics compare to other surfacing options?

Thermoplastics are a great option for providing a safe, durable, and attractive surface for primary school playgrounds. If you match thermoplastic surfacing up against others they offer a cost effective and durable solution for your floor marking needs.

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