Best Motorway Designs

Best Motorway Designs

The designs we offer are perfect for motorways and can provide the drivers with all of the information that they need.

Motorway Markings Installers

Motorway Markings Installers

We are experts in providing these motorway markings which will prevent many crashes amongst the drivers.

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Motorway Road Markings

Welcome to our motorway marking page. Here you can see the markings we can install for motorways and carriageways.

Colourful floor graphics are often applied to indoor and outdoor floors for numerous purposes.

We offer a number of motorway road markings with colour choices and shapes for highways, car park lining, playgrounds and indoor factories.

These floor designs are designed to be highly visible and have anti-slip to provide the highest level of safety, particularly for drivers, and kids running in a play area.

You can find many different products which are often used when putting down highway road markings. For a lot of projects, we’ll apply plastic or paint to produce skid resistance along with a vibrantly coloured appearance.

All projects will be different so we can take a look at what you need and give the best specifications to suit your needs.

If you would like any other information on Motorway Road Markings, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our specialist team who will provide you with all of the information on the Road Markings that you require.

This is great as it ensures that all of the queries you may have are resolved quickly to prevent any stress you have.


What are Motorway Road Markings?

Motorway Road Markings are the durable surface markings that stop a driver from crashing and ensure that the driver knows the rules of the motorway they are on.

Roadway lines created from plastic are supplied in a few different forms, this includes tape rolls and pre-formed shapes. It can also be applied in liquid form with professional equipment to ensure a clear and precise end result.

Find out about all of the different processes here if you need some further details.

We will often apply the heated plastic tapes for road lines and marking car parking bays, along with a number of other areas. We can apply these by using heat to melt the thermoplastic to stick to the surface, leaving a solid and long lasting end result.

You can select pre-cut plastic shapes including:

  • Direction arrows
  • Bicycle logos for bike lanes
  • Disabled badges
  • Play area activities

You could also choose to have unique graphics for things such as company logos as well as any particular motorway road markings you would like.

These are generally available in a wide selection of colours with non-slip characteristics so that the flooring is completely safe for use.

Road markings ought to always be eye-catching and clear to see, and the brightly coloured thermoplastic offers these properties.

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The plastic products are designed to leave a permanent and sturdy end product so you can be certain it can last a long time.

You will just need a single person with a gas torch to install the designs, making the installation work simple and quick. For many projects, the process can be accomplished in one day, which makes it efficient and less bothersome for the surrounding area.

The installation can be done through the whole year because we won't depend on the warm weather. We can even complete a relining process for existing road markings which have worn away to help make sure the area is safe.

It's our objective to guarantee that every client gets a great service at a great value price so it will be as inexpensive as possible.

These kinds of specialist paints and coatings are generally put down onto floors in order to make them much less slippery and also to protect people from accidental injuries.

These coatings are installed indoors and outdoors for many varieties of floor coverings including macadam and concrete. The safe paint coatings will often be used for outdoor activity flooring, kids' play areas and industrial buildings closest to you.

For those planning to coat a local sports court surface or playground, we supply lots of products which are great for this. If you’re interested in the best prices on the most effective white line marking materials, we'll offer this for your project.

Whether you need give way lines, double yellow lines, solid white lines or something else - we can help.


Road Markings Near Me

Lots of large commercial spaces like storage warehouses and factories may have these coloured designs on the ground. The graphics could be put down to deliver guidance and to make sure workers are safe by giving warnings of possible risks.

Brightly coloured paint can be put down to create the graphics, lining or instructions so the premises can function as competently as possible. The vibrant designs are also important in making sure that these surroundings will be safe for staff and visitors.

They can also be put down in car park areas at public facilities and large office blocks.

A number of regularly used designs incorporate paths, arrows, safety signals and boundary lines to highlight potential risks.

In nearby play areas, high-quality coatings and heated plastic can be installed to create fun games or to provide the lines for sporting events.

These locations and surrounding areas may be coated in a vivid colour and we also provide pre-made shapes in several designs which include compasses, cartoons, grids and popular activities.

Heated plastic graphics are perfect for these surfaces since they can be cut out into a variety of shapes to generate an engaging design.

Motorway Road Markings Applications

Road markings can be used for a wide variety of things on a motorway, listed below you will find some of the most common examples that we carry out installations for:

  • Bus lanes
  • A box junction/box junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • A hazard warning line
  • Bay markings
  • Diagonal stripes
  • Hatched lines
  • Traffic lanes (for traffic flow)
  • Boxes
  • Slip roads
  • Lay-bys
  • A side road


What is the purpose of motorway road markings?

The main purpose of motorway road markings is to provide drivers with information and clarity while they are driving along the roads. Motorway road markings help to keep drivers safe by giving a clear understanding of what lanes drivers should be using while on the motorway, when to change lanes and when to ultimately stop and slow down. Motorway road markings are typically white in colour and are made up of lines, symbols and words.

How are motorway road markings maintained?

Maintaining motorway road markings is the most important part of keeping roads safe and efficient. For maintenance you will require regular cleaning, repainting, and repairs. With cleaning as the most basic and important part of maintenance process.

What happens if a motorway road marking is damaged or removed?

When motorway road markings are damaged it can have serious consequences ofr the safety of not only drivers but passengers and other road users too. Motorway road markings are designed to give motorists clear guidance, helping them to navigate the road safely and efficiently.

What is The Highway Code?

The Highway Code is a set of information, adivce, guides, and mandatory rules for road users in the UK. The main goal of The Highway Code is to promote road safety and it applies to all road users including pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.

What are Chevrons?

Chevrons are areas of white diagonal stripes (chevrons) painted on the road. The purpose of chevrons are to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic turning right.

Is it illegal to stop someone overtaking?

Drivers should never obstruct who wish to pass. Speeding up or driving upredictably while someone is attempting to overtake you is very dangerous.


Motorway Road Marking Statistics

  1. In the United Kingdom, there are over 16,000 miles of motorways, with over 4,000 miles of road markings on them.
  2. The United Kingdom has the most motorway road markings in Europe, with over 1.3 million road markings in total.
  3. The third most common type of motorway road marking is the chevron, which is used to indicate a change in direction.
  4. The most common type of motorway road marking is the white line, which is used to indicate the boundary of a lane.

Other Roadway Markings We Offer

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