Social Distance Floor Markings in Alva

Social Distance Floor Markings in Alva

We offer a range of Social Distance Floor Markings to ensure a 2m distance is kept between individuals. Speak to our team for prices.

Physical Distancing Markers in Alva

Physical Distancing Markers in Alva

Do you need physical distancing markers at your workplace? Get in touch today for the very best prices.

Social Distancing Importance in Alva

Social Distancing Importance in Alva

Social distancing has become incredibly important since the spread of Coronavirus. Contact us to see how you can help prevent the spread of viruses.

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Social Distance Floor Marking in Alva

Social distance floor marking in Alva FK12 5 is a crucial strategy implemented in various public spaces to ensure safety and compliance with social distancing guidelines.

These floor markings play a significant role in guiding individuals to maintain a safe distance from each other, especially in places where people tend to gather. 


Our team focuses on installing a variety of floor markings, including vibrant thermoplastic designs that not only serve a functional purpose but also make the environment visually appealing for children and adults alike.

Utilising different types of markings such as arrows, circles, and footprints helps individuals navigate public areas effortlessly while adhering to social distancing norms.

Our social distance floor marking in Alva is carried out to create a safe space for the public. We can install our graphics in a range of different areas including supermarket queues, parks, playgrounds and more. 

Since the spread of the Coronavirus, social distancing has been enforced by the Government. Our experts have created a range of designs to support the physical distancing rules. 

We will ensure that our markers are spread out at the stated distance apart (two metres) to ensure safety of your customers, staff and additional visitors. 

If you have any questions regarding the social distance floor marking installation we can carry out, please complete our contact our team today. We will be happy to offer more information on the graphics and the costs involved.

What is Social Distance Floor Marking?

Social distance floor marking involves the use of designated floor signs and markings to promote and enforce social distancing measures.

These markings serve as visual cues for individuals to maintain a safe distance from each other, especially in crowded areas such as supermarkets, public transport stations, and restaurants.

By creating physical boundaries that indicate the recommended distance, social distance floor marking helps reduce the risk of virus transmission and ensures compliance with health and safety guidelines.

Playgrounds and schools also utilise these floor signs to teach children about the importance of personal space and safety.

In public places like parks, museums, and waiting areas, floor markings guide visitors on where to stand or walk to maintain adequate social distance.

What are the Different Types of Social Distance Floor Marking?

Various types of social distance floor markings include 2-metre floor markings, outdoor area divisions, and specific signage indicating safety protocols.

2-metre floor markings serve as a visual guide for maintaining a proper social distance in indoor settings, helping individuals stay safe amidst the ongoing global health concerns.

Outdoor area divisions, such as painted lines or barriers, effectively separate spaces and manage crowd flow, ensuring public safety.

Specific signage plays a crucial role in conveying essential safety measures, like mask-wearing and hand hygiene, to the public.

By strategically placing signs with clear instructions, establishments can enhance compliance with health protocols and create a secure environment for all visitors.

Costs of Social Distance Floor Marking

The costs associated with social distance floor marking can vary depending on the size of the area, material used, and installation requirements.

Regarding the size of the area, larger spaces require more materials and labour, inevitably increasing the overall cost.

The type of material plays a significant role in determining expenses; for instance, thermoplastic markings are durable but pricier than alternatives.


The involvement of installation teams can also impact the budget, as professional services may come with higher fees.

Businesses and local councils navigate these cost considerations by carefully planning the layout, selecting cost-effective materials, and negotiating competitive installation rates to adhere to safety standards while managing expenses effectively.

What are the Benefits of Social Distance Floor Marking?

The benefits of social distance floor marking include clear visual cues for maintaining safe distances, organisation of traffic flow, and enhanced safety awareness among individuals.

These visual cues play a crucial role in reminding people to maintain a safe distance, especially in settings where it can be challenging to gauge appropriate spacing.

By directing the flow of foot traffic, floor markings help prevent overcrowding and ensure a smoother movement of people.

Heightened safety awareness encourages individuals to take precautions and be mindful of their surroundings, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility in schools, retail stores, and offices.

Physical Distancing Graphics

Our team provide a range of physical distancing graphics to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

Are you looking for graphics to promote sanitisation? We have this covered!

What about fun, happy markings that look great for young children? Our rainbow range is perfect for younger kids. There are footprints, squares and spots to ensure the little ones keep their distance. 

Social distancing can be hard when you are unsure how far two metres or six foot is. Our physical distancing graphic designs help individuals understand their boundaries easily. 

Available in bulks of 25, 50 or 75, you are sure to get enough graphics for your establishment!

Heat Applied Markings for Distances

To create the appropriate distance marks, our team make use of thermoplastic markings. These heat applied markings for distances are preformed and melted onto the surface. 

Choosing thermoplastic heat applied graphics to mark out the 6ft distances, ensure the markings will remain on the surface for a long period of time. 

This means you do not have to worry about peeling, ripping and reapplying the graphics. Once they are down, you won't need to worry about them for many years. 

Our graphics are permanent, washable and flush.

Since social distancing is likely to be around for a good number of years now, to prevent additional Covid 19 waves along with other viruses, you should certainly think about getting permanent markings like our thermoplastic graphics. 

For more information on the application process, please do complete our enquiry form. A member of our team will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Social Distancing Nursery Markings in Alva

We understand it can be extremely hard to ensure younger children keep to the 2 metre rule. Our nursery markings in Alva FK12 5 can be used to help the children remain a safe distance from others. 

There are a range of different designs and colours available for you to choose from. We would recommend a few different designs to create a fun design for the little ones to enjoy. 

We aim to keep our prices low to ensure nurseries get the safety markers they need. If you would like information on the costs of our nursery graphics to promote social distancing, please speak to a member of our team today.


School Playground Floor Distancing Designs

Once you have chosen the graphics you require, our team can come to your school and install the preformed graphics. There are a range of school playground floor distancing designs for you to choose from, so make sure to have a look at our catalogue today.

Our team have been installing playground graphic designs for many years and the distancing graphics are no different, except of course - they must be 2m apart. 

With expert installers, our company can install your social distance designs exactly where you need them to be. We carry out the installation in schools with minimal disruption, which means you don't have to wait until school holidays to get these installed. 

Our installers have plenty of experience and our distancing designs are available at reasonable prices!

Importance of Social Distancing Markers 

When it comes to the importance of social distancing markers, you need to be aware just how vital these are. 

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Government is pushing social distancing measures. These markers are a great way for people to keep two metres apart. 

The markings are particularly important in queues. They are also necessary in schools and nurseries when parents and guardians come to pick up their children. 

Social, or physical, distancing can help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID19. Due to this huge pandemic, it is likely social distancing will be around for years to come, meaning these markers should be around too!

How to Implement Social Distance Floor Marking?

Implementing social distance floor marking involves determining appropriate distances, selecting suitable markings, and strategic placement in high-traffic areas.

When determining the proper distances for floor markings, it is crucial to consider the recommended guidelines provided by health authorities, typically ranging from six to ten feet.

Different types of markings such as tape, stickers, or signs can be used to clearly indicate safe distances.

These markings should be visible and easily understandable to everyone in the space, promoting compliance with social distancing measures.

Placing these markings in high-traffic areas such as entrances, check-out counters, and waiting lines is key to ensuring that individuals maintain safe distances at all times.

Determine the Appropriate Distance for Markings

Determining the appropriate distance for social distance floor markings involves considering the nature of the space, foot traffic volume, and social distancing guidelines.

Factors such as the layout of the area, whether it's indoors or outdoors, and the typical activities that take place within the space all play a crucial role in deciding how far apart the floor markings should be placed.

Safety protocols must also be taken into account, ensuring that the markings are placed in areas that do not obstruct emergency exits or create hazards in case of evacuation.

Choose the Right Type of Markings for your Space

Selecting the right type of markings involves assessing the surface material, durability requirements, and visual impact in relation to the surrounding environment.

When considering floor markings, it's crucial to ensure that the chosen materials are compatible with the surface they will be applied on, to guarantee longevity and effectiveness.

Whether it's concrete, asphalt, or tile, different surfaces require specific types of markings to adhere properly.

Furthermore, durability expectations play a significant role, especially in high-traffic areas where constant wear and tear can degrade markings quickly.

Along with functionality, the visual appeal of floor markings cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to aesthetic integration with the environment.

The markings should not only serve their safety and signage purposes but also blend harmoniously with the surroundings to create a cohesive and visually pleasing space.

Place the Markings in High-Traffic Areas

Strategic placement of social distance floor markings in high-traffic areas ensures maximum visibility and compliance with safety measures for individuals passing through those zones.

These markings serve as constant reminders for people to maintain a safe distance from others, reducing the risk of close contact and potential transmission of illnesses.

The clear demarcation provided by these floor markings helps in organising and streamlining foot traffic flow, preventing overcrowding and chaos in busy areas.

In industrial settings, these markings play a crucial role in guiding employees and visitors towards designated pathways, hazardous zones, or emergency exits, enhancing overall workplace safety.


What are the Best Practices for Social Distance Floor Marking?

Best practices for social distance floor marking include regular maintenance, clear communication of guidelines, and monitoring compliance to ensure effective implementation.

Regular maintenance of social distance floor markings is crucial to ensure durability and visibility over time.

This includes regular inspections for any signs of wear or fading, and prompt touch-ups or replacements as needed.

Communication strategies for guidelines should involve clear signage in multiple languages, along with verbal reminders or announcements.

Employing monitoring tools, such as security cameras or regular patrols, helps to ensure that individuals are adhering to the designated distances while navigating public areas.

How can Social Distance Floor Marking be Used in Different Settings?

Social distance floor marking can be effectively utilised in various settings like schools, retail stores, offices, and restaurants to enforce social distancing measures and enhance safety protocols.

In schools, social distance floor markings can help students maintain a safe distance in corridors, classrooms, and canteens, reducing the risk of spreading germs.

Retail stores can benefit from these markings by creating designated paths for shoppers and checkout queues, ensuring a controlled flow of traffic whilst adhering to capacity restrictions.

Similarly, offices can utilise floor markings to encourage employees to maintain a safe distance in communal areas like meeting rooms, rest areas, and workstations. By implementing clear and visible markings, workplaces can promote a healthy environment and minimise close contact.

Find Out More

Are you interested to find out more about the social distance floor marking in Alva FK12 5 that our team can apply? If so, we would recommend speaking to a team member today.


We can offer information on the various designs available along with the costs of the markers. We recommend purchasing a minimum of 25 markers.

If you need more than this, don't worry. We can offer prices for however many markers you require!

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