Road Line Marking

Road Line Marking

The roads must be marked with all of the suitable markings to inform drivers of the rules of the road they are on.

Best Roadway Designs

Best Roadway Designs

If the road markings are not high visibility, there could be a result of many crashes, especially during the night.

Durable Road Markings

Durable Road Markings

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Road Line Marking

Welcome to our road lining page. Here you can see the range of areas we can offer our lining services to. Having 20+ years experience, you can be sure our team can meet your requirements successfully.

Bright floor graphics are frequently applied to outdoor and indoor floors for many different uses. We offer a range of colour options and shapes for road line marking to suit highways, residential roads, car parks and footpaths.

The road marking white lines are designed to be clear to see and slip resistant to deliver the highest level of safety, particularly for road users, and children running in a play area.

You can find many different products which are often used when applying floor designs. For many projects, we’ll apply thermoplastic or paint to generate slip resistance and also a brightly coloured design.

Just let us know what sort of line marking you require (white line, yellow line, etc.), and we will supply the best option for this.

By filling in the provided enquiry form found below, you will be able to get in touch with all of our experts from our team who have an abundance of experience within the industry.

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What is Road Line Marking?

Road Line-Marking is the set of markings that are implemented on a road to prevent crashes amongst drivers and to ensure that every driver knows the rules of the road they are on.

The plastic product could be provided as rolled tape, pre-formed designs and a number of bespoke patterns. Additionally, it is supplied in the form of a molten liquid which will be poured out within the desired graphic and cools until it dries.

The heated plastic tape is ideal for motorway road marking as well as car parking space road marking, double yellow lines, white lines, play area games and sports pitches.

Our local team will apply these with heat to melt the material to stick onto the ground, leaving behind a solid and long lasting end result.

You could choose to have the pre-cut thermoplastic line marking such as:

  • Direction arrows
  • Bicycle logos
  • Disabled badges
  • White line road marking

and many other options. You could also choose unique graphics for things such as logos as well as any distinct designs you need.

A wide range of colour choices are available for these graphics and they will offer slip resistance to supply the very best safety properties.

Because it is essential to be sure that road graphics are clear and simple to understand, the plastic makes a bright and heavy duty end product.

Our team also offer road marking removal using specialist hydroblasting machinery If you would like a quote, please get in touch. 

Roadway Line Marking Cost

As a rough guide you should expect to pay around 38-40 pence per metre of 100m wide line in either white or yellow. A mid way spec would bre a two pack epoxy at around 45-50 pence per metre, whilst a high spec cold plastic would range from anywhere between £1-£1.40 per metre.


Roadway Designs

Our own collection of pre-cut plastic road flooring signs are durable and resilient surface line marking sets which have been built to last.

You’ll just need a single person with a burner to stick down the patterns, making the installation method quick and simple. See more details on the different shapes and designs that we use by visiting this page -

We are able to apply vibrant and durable white lines during a day process, minimising any interference for the surrounding area. The application can be done through the whole year as we do not depend on the warm weather.

We always ensure that each and every nearby customer receives the highest quality service and cost effective prices for all of our jobs.

Best Road Markings Near Me

The specialist paints and coatings are often installed onto floors and surrounding areas to help make them significantly less slippery and also to preserve individuals from accidental injuries.

The paints are used inside and outside for many varieties of floor coverings including concrete and tarmac. The slip resistant paints are generally used for public roadways and industrial warehouses.

If you need any of these paint or road marking services then make certain you take a look at the ones we have got available.

If you’re searching for the best prices on the top surface painting products, we can offer this for you. Slip resistant coatings and plastic road markings are ideal for several interior facilities including big storage facilities, aeroplane hangars and industrial plants.

Usually, these types of places will have signs on the floor like a line, arrows, paths or collection points. Colourful floor coatings may be applied to mark out these various graphics, and this makes the workplace safer.

Applying these bright graphics is important for factory facilities closest to you, since they are intended to keep people protected from injury.

Examples include lining with instructions to stand back, and hazard notices to make workers aware of potential risks.

In children's play areas, professional paint and plastic will be used to generate exciting games or to provide the lines for sports activities. Check out all of the designs we offer for playgrounds in schools and nurseries here

In addition to paint coatings, we also have available pre-formed shapes and bespoke designs to ensure the best for the play area.

Thermoplastic designs are ideal for these areas because they can be pre-cut into different shapes to generate an interesting design.


Is paint or thermoplastic better for line marking?

We would suggest for roads that are obviously going to be heavy use that you use thermoplastic is used as it is the more hard wearing than spray.

Is it possible to remove road markings without damaging the underlying surface?

The short answer is Yes. We are able to remove the markings effectively using a vacuum collection method that is environmentally beneficial, clean and fast but also gentle enough that the original surface wont be damaged at all.

How long does it take to remove road markings?

Ofcourse every job is different, a big factor is the thickness of the materials that are used and also the conditions we are working in. With that being said we use the fastest UHP water blasting process, which we can typically remove 1000 m2 of materials per hour.

Other Roadway Markings We Offer


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